Jun.17, 2012

The phrase "3D food printer" probably makes you think of printing cholocate, cake dough or burritos, but British inventor Sean (Clanzer) uses a 3D printer to ice a cake. Icing is a sugar-rich coating used to decorate cakes, buns, biscuits and pastries. In traditonal kitchten you need pastry bags and tips for this cake decorating.

Sean built a CNCDudez RouterStrap 3D printer based on one of his CNC frame. For his recent experiment he adapts 3D printer to try and ice a Cake.

We attached an Icing/Piping attachment to a custom bracket we made for our 3D Printer.


Then we adapted the Icing/Piping attachment with a linear motor connected to the plunger and modified the Firmware and created Gcode to get the feed rates correct.

Watch the video of the first two try's of extruding the icing.

The Icing sugar drys out pretty damm quick and I need to experiment getting the consistency right for the mixture we are extruding.


You will see on the second try, half way around it starts to dry out and not stick to the board.


Also I am no chef, so any cake Icing/Frosting experts out there, be gentle with me :) - Sean



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Elveera D'Souza wrote at 8/5/2015 12:32:35 PM:

Please let us have your authorized dealers in Dubai, if not please quote your best price for 1 unit 3D printer extruding icing for decorating cakes.

Xa wrote at 4/7/2015 6:50:45 AM:

Wow its really awsome, you can try with buttercream icing, its soft and it dries out less quick than the icing

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