Jun.29, 2012

Dutch machinery supplier Landré delivers production systems for a wide range of applications, such as sheet-metal working, machining, plastics processing and rapid manufacturing. Three years ago they started providing 3D printers from 3D Systems.

"The 3D printing technology is a great addition to the existing production, not only for prototyping, but also for customized parts and small production. As a machinery and service supplier, we want to provide the best service to the market, "says Jan Floor van Egmond, Director of Landré.

Recently Landré has expanded his activities in the field of 3D printers and CAD / CAM software by taking over the staff and activities of Duoteq. Duoteq is a company specializing in sales and implementation of CADCAM applications. With this cooperation Landré can now provide entire process from design to prototyping and production.

(Product manager Floris Stam and Sales Engineer Joyce van Mondfrans by the Zprinter 650 full color 3D printer)

"We want to provide the market a whole package, not just a 3D printer. The software plays a decisive role. The capabilities of 3D printing are now more integrated in the software. Nowadays those very fine structures can be 3D-printed directly from CAD file. However these requires extensive knowledge and that is exactly what we can offer to the market. In addition, Landré's service technicians can maintain and repair hardware - that is how we distinguish ourselves from software vendors who also sell 3D printers. " notes Floris Stam, product manager who is responsible for sales and support of the entire Additive Manufacturing program.

In the past year sales of Landré in consumables has been doubled. The customers are mostly R & D departments that use 3D printers for rapid prototyping. Their most important profit is from the strong reduction of time-to-market. An example is the manufacturer of Clarks shoes. Previously they made their models often by hand. With their 3D color printer they can create a model within 24 hours.

Landré believes there are opportunities in providing 3D printing models: "Those R & D departments purchase not only a 3D printer, but they also look for suppliers who can print 3D models for them. Thus there are new opportunities for these suppliers", says Jan Floor van Egmond.

Floris Stam: "Customers are mainly looking for ways they can use the 3D printing technology for production, not only to customize parts but also for small quantity production. There is still limitation in materials for ex maple the output products can not be exposed to UV-light. Some manufacturers are now developing materials suitable for permanent use. When these materials come to the market they will add a full range of application in addition to the existing production technologies. "

In addition, 3D printing metal products with laser cusing technology from CONCEPTlaser are experiencing strong growth.

Floris Stam: "Laser cusing technology can be used in making mold parts, titanium implants and light-weight components for the aerospace industry. It allows you create structures which are difficult to make with conventional method, such as a honeycomb structure. Add ti on ally, 3D printed parts and implants are also often made on a milling machine. So the integration of 3D printing and milling techniques plays an important role for the machine supplier."


Source: MetaalNieuws


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