Jul.16, 2012

Fabalu is a German marketplace for printing 3D models. It provides a platform connecting designers with 3D printing service companies. The website's revenue comes from a monthly fee + 3~5% for each customer paid by 3D printing service providers.


For example, if you want to 3D print something:


  1. Upload your 3D model to the website and fill in wish list with specifications (because: you can choose to print in metal, ceramics, gold, biobased plastic, clear plastic, glass and other materials)
  2. Your 3D model is then sent to the appropriate 3D printing service (because every service company has different printers: there is difference in size, quality, materials etc)
  3. Then you will get different quotes from each 3D printing service company
  4. You can make your choice now: cheapest, best quality, fastest delivery
  5. Afterwards you can comment or rate the print service


Watch the video below the introduction of the Fabalu site.



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Fabbeo wrote at 8/25/2012 1:27:10 PM:

Closed Beta release: October 2012

Fleur Augustinus, communication Fabbeo wrote at 8/25/2012 1:08:54 PM:

@DscheyH Sorry for that, We changed our name as we're still in the very beginning of setting up the business. Tnx for providing the right link!

DscheyH wrote at 7/23/2012 10:37:52 PM:

I am irritated. The featured website fabalu.com shows something quite different as announced. However, the described service can be found on http://www.fabbeo.de/.

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