Jul.19, 2012

Paleontologists have showed us what dinosaurs looked like with a 3D printer, but what they sounded like? Designer Marguerite Humeau unveiled three massive 3D-printed models of prehistoric vocal tracts.


Humeau has chosen to reimagine creatures from three vastly different prehistoric eras: There's Ambulocetus, or the "walking whale," a Cetacean that could swim and walk over 50 million years before our time. Entelodont (also known as *shiver* Hell Pig) was a massive omnivore that roamed more than 20 million years ago. The youngest is Mammoth Imperator, the species of giant mammoth.

Humeau spent two years working with paleontologists, zoologists, engineers, and doctors to recreate the noises of Wooly Mammoth but the information was really too little.

She examined 3D scans of similar species, like porpoises, to make educated guesses about the architecture of their older cousins, and even talked with the paleontologists who have discovered the bones of similar creatures.

Humeau's work is now installed in Saint-Étienne's Cité du Design.




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