Jul.24, 2012

It is time for the beach - Designers at Deep Orange design has designed a range of 3D printed camera mounts for windsurfing. The camera mounts were 3D printed on a 3D Touch printer and it is fixed onto a custom installed fin plug (the hole you stick your surfboard fin into).


(Images credit: Deep Orange design)

This is not the first time someone made a DIY windsurfing camera mount using 3D printer. Windsurfing aficionado and tinkerer Sergey Menshikov shared his durable windsurfing camera mount. This 3D printed mount is designed for the popular GoPro Hero camera and its Mast mount is specifically made for windsurfing. The waterproof GoPro camera is a tiny device with affordable price that you can be easily mounted on surfboards, kayaks, and all manner of watercraft for capturing your adventures.

Made of very tough and springy Nylon-12 and printed on a 3D printer at Shapeways, the mount can tie the camera to your board's mast using common fasteners.

The mount weighs only 32g with a screw and wingnut and it offers 3 mounting options for your GoPro Hero camera: one on either side and one in front. Side mounts are angled to point directly at your sailing position.

(Images credit: Sergey Menshikov)

You can get more detail of Sergey's GoPro mast mount here.


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Edmund wrote at 10/30/2014 1:37:09 PM:

Is it possible to have a copy of the cad file for the windsurf mast gopro mount

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