Jul.26, 2012

Ilan Moyer of MIT's Little Devices Lab and Nadya Peek of the school's Center for Bits and Atoms created a portable multi-purpose tool named PopFab - a combination 3D printer and CNC mill briefcase.

The video below shows how this briefcase 3D printer works. PopFab is a computer-controlled motion platform with various toolheads attached. And if you switch toolheads it can work as a precision cutter, CNC mill or drawing tool.


Current capabilities include 3D printing (as you are about to see), milling, vinyl cutting, and drawing -- with more on the way. PopFab has traveled the world as a carry-on item of luggage to Saudi Arabia and Germany, and within the USA to Aspen in Colorado. We hope that this is only the beginning.


The underlying goal is to support the romantic dream of the "nomadic designer" traveling the world while designing and making things possibly inspired by spontaneous experiences on the road.

This video below features the fancy X/Y mechanics: CoreXY is a technique for constructing low cost XY positioning stages. This is one implementation of CoreXY crafted from aluminum and acrylic.



Source: Core77



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