Aug.3, 2012

There are quite a few nice examples that 3D printer is used to make replacement for parts that manufacturers stop producing anymore. Here is another one: Musician Malcolm Messiter has been using his 1970 Robert Goble harpsichord for almost 43 years. But "many of the parts have become brittle, and not long ago they started to break." What he needs are new jacks that holds the plectrum, which plucks the string when you press a key.

However to replace all 183 jacks would probably cost Malcolm around £2000 ($3100) if he order customized wooden pieces from professionals.

As an oboist with a tinkering spirit, Malcolm used his own tool to save the hardsichord: his Makerbot Replicator 3D printer.

He makes them at 75% infill and one shell with Natural ABS plastic from Makerbot. These pieces weigh average 3.62 grams and that means it costs him only around $28.48 in materials.

Guess Malcolm is totally satisfied with his work. He even made a custom iPhone stand with his 3D printer that he could tune his harpsichord with both hands free.

Watch and enjoy below a little piece of Bach's BWV529 from the harpsichord.


Source: Makerbot


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