Aug.12, 2012

Since May Instructables user taulman has been working on 2BEIGH3, a CNC machine and high temperature 3D printer all-in-one. For this project he uses NYLON 6/6 to make parts instead of the usual ABS or PLA. Nylon 6 melts at 320 degrees celsius, roughly 100 degrees higher than the more common and brittle ABS. The slick and bendable Nylon 6/6 could lead to all kinds of possibilities, particularly when printing tubing. It can be re-melted and used again and again without loosing its bonding properties.

But where can you get the Nylon to print? Taulman has taken it upon himself to develop a new Nylon Material specifically for 3D printing.

"taulman3D and Shakespeare Company, LLC, Manufacturers of Monofilaments and Polyamide Resins finalized testing of four new Nylon Polymers specifically for Personal 3D Printers." And he added, "The industry Published MSDS is the only MSDS listing "3D Printing" as a Certified Product Usage."

Taulman is searching for a minimum of 60 material testers.

We need your help to educate others as to the benefits and differences of printing in Nylon polymers on various other machines.


"There is absolutely no cost to being a tester. All materials and parts are provided free to those selected."

So if you are interested, you can sign-up here to be a tester. Check the requirements for testers and what you will be provided and what you will be asked to. The selected 60 users will be notified on or before 8/31/2012.

Source: Instructables


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