Aug.16, 2012

Lady Mechanika is the newest creator-owned comic book series by Joe Benitez, inspired by the steampunk genre.

Guys at PD Models in UK have posted an 8 inch 3D print of lady machanika painted with bronze finish.

It is an amazing 3D print with so much detail and very nice post processing. It was modelled in Zbrush by Ioannis Karathomas. The parts were 3D printed in 16 micron layers in 10 separate parts on a a Project 3000 HD plus printer from 3D systems. It uses VisiJet EX200 material that offers an engineered plastic performance for durability and stability. Afterwards some painting and assembly are required.

(Images credit: PD Models)

According to PD Models, the initial print costs £340, that is supplied unfinished without the base. If you want the complete finish piece, another £300-400 will be added for the assembly and painting.

In total it is about £740 (USD 1160 / Euro 944) for a replica, that is certainly not cheap. PD Models explains:

In terms of why 3d prints in general are expensive it really is about the cost of the materials and the machine. The materials the model is printed in costs around £220 per kg! Then you have to factor in the support material that you need to build a part that costs around £100 per kg. Coupled with the initial cost of the machine itself (ours cost about £70k) you can see how these things get expensive when you are dealing with this level of accuracy.

This is an good example of showing off what 3D printing can do with details and delicate parts. Can't wait till 3D printing becomes cheaper for home use.


Source: 3dtotal


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