Aug.17, 2012

Non-profit startup Reallocate announced the launch of a pilot project at this year's Burning Man Festival - Project: Blue Sky.

The project is based out of a few shipping containers and include 3D modelling and 3D printing capabilities and some unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

At the festival visitors will be invited to strike a pose which is captured with 3D software and converted into a 3D model. The 3D scan is then 3D printed into a miniature statue by a Cubify 3D printer.

The person is then given a GPS transponder and specific instructions for a mission. After the 3D printed miniature figurine is finished, it will be loaded into a capsule on a multi-copter. The copter will navigate the GPS location of that person. As soon as it is close by, it will trigger an alarm on the transponder.

When the person looks up as the multicopter hovers above them, it will gently lower a padded capsule so they can take the statue. "Your only responsibility is to return the transponder and tell us your story for our documentary." That's all what Reallocate asks.

This project is revolutionary in many ways – the drone delivery system is proving a model for military technology to be used for humanitarian purposes. We are working on solving the last-mile delivery problem for instances such as dropping medical supplies after a natural disaster, or land surveying for environmental impact.

This project is crowdfunding on IndieGogo, you can support the project here.

Burning Man starts on August 27 in the Nevada desert, Reallocate is located as part of camp IDEATE at 6:30 and Rod's Road. Visit there and check out the amazing project they're doing.

Source: Wired

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