Aug.24, 2012 starts the first walk-in-store for 3D printer sales and digital production services in the center of Zurich's creative district, right next to Langstrasse.

This new 3D Concept Store will host a grand opening today from 11am to 5pm.

The premises of the new facility have a height of about 3.60 meter, which gives the store a special character.

3D is also an authorized importer of 3D Systems, Z Corporation and Bits Bytes 3D printer. At visitors will discover two innovative concept: the first 3D printer store and the service-Workshop for digital production, such as 3D printing service and laser production service.

Find more info on website.


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Jeff Goldberg wrote at 11/28/2014 7:43:42 PM:

Dear Friends: I am the curator of an online creative collaboration that includes artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers called FOOK! You can find us on Facebook at!/groups/149780818523612/ The goal of this project has always been to dimensionalize the work in a boxed edition of printed matter, CDs/DVDs/, and small art works. Since we will be creating multiple editions, 3-D copying seems a very attractive tool and that is why I am contacting you. A very talented contributor to the FOOK! group named Daniela Belinga Agossa lives in Brugg, Switzerland. She has some small sculptures that might work as 3-D copies, if the dimensions can be reduced by the machine. The pieces are the size of small melons now and would have to be no bigger than plums. They are abstract shapes though not complicated and we could produce them in any colors you have available. The first question is one of feasability. The second question is cost. I have some production money to work with but the budget is limited. But first tell me if it's possible and then let's discuss the budget. My email is Many things for your time.

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