Sep.14, 2012

You might still remember Filabot, a 3D plastic extrusion system designed to recycle plastic waste into usable filament for 3D printing.

Here we got another group - Open Source Printing. Robert Burnham, Mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, together with John DiRusso, expert machinist and craftsman, and Sean Patev, hobbyist and techie are dedicating themselves to develop a low cost plastic extruder that is able to produce plastic filament for 3D printers like the RepRap, Makerbot, Printrbot, and the Ultimaker.

In their earlier test they used a plunger to press plastic pellets through a heated steel pipe. The filament was brittle because it was not heated fully and uniformly. They still need to improve the design but seems they are on the right track.

For their plan B they will use a smaller pipe with a screw that feeds the plastic pellet into the pineapple. This design should melt the plastic more uniformly and could allow for a continual flow rate.

The plastic extruder is still being developed. OSprinting launched a campaign on to try and get some funding for their project. They are offering 1lb ABS for $15 and 1lb PLA for $20. Check here their compaign and how you can support their project.



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