Sep.21, 2012

A hackspace is a public workshop with different tools and robots at your disposal, that you can work on projects or try to create something or get something work. You don't need to be a real engineer, if you love to make stuff, that's the space for you.

Diego Porqueras, creator of the Bukobot, has a better idea: he started Deezmaker, a 3D printer store and Hackerspace in Pasadena, CA. Porqueras' project the Bukobot 3D printer successfully raised its funding goal in May 2012. The new store/hackerspace will sell 3D printers (including Bukobot and other brands: Makerbot, ORDbot, Prusa Mendel and the Wallace) and filaments, electronics, tools like CNC routers, lathes, laser cutters etc. It is California's first 3D printer retail store. The wide selection of 3D printers will "help people find the right one for their needs, leading to greater enjoyment of their experience with 3D printing."

We have heard of a lot about 3D printers, but it is totally different experience if you can see the 3D printers working in person and to touch and try out the machine and hold the 3D-printed parts in hand. Deezmaker is not just a 3D printer store, it is also a hackerspace. It is a place where the public could walk in and make things. In addition to access to 3D printers, Deezmaker is also going to have soldering irons, lathes and CNC routers for the members.

The other major feature of my store will be to have educational classes in addition to "3D Printing Monthly" meetings. We are planning to have a handful of classes for the hobbyists, from 3D printing 101 to advanced Arduino, robotics, and maybe even sewing classes to (with LEDs, of course). I think having a place where people in nearby cities can come and learn new technologies, especially in these hard economic times, will help motivate people to pursue things they're passionate about, and hopefully lead to better jobs or even just a happier lifestyle.

So if you find yourself in Pasadena, CA on Sunday, you may like to join the grand opening of Deezmaker store, which set to open at 2pm. And this Deezmaker store will feature the $600 Bukobot 3D printer. Have fun on Sunday!


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