Oct.1, 2012

A fish swims in a tank, and its motion is scanned by the surrounded cameras and then translated into a 3D printed sculpture. This project is called Float, co-creator Krzysztof Golinski believes it is a traditional technology interfacing a different "world", it is a "piece of art can also be a scientific experiment."

"It is common for artist to use nature as a source of inspiration. In the Renaissance, science began to be considered as a bridge between nature and art," Krzysztof Golinski counters. "New digital media give us an opportunity to interface different worlds that have never been connected before. We have new ways for interpreting reality and we try to get the best out of them."

With 3D cameras, movement sensors and software the artists could make great creations based on a natural pattern or rule they collected. "Art is just stylized data." Technologies opens up opportunities to encode parts of reality into definable, controllable, 3D printable objects.


Source: fastcodesign

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