Oct. 29, 2012

In Beijing International Design Week 2012 designer BoWen Song showcased her 3D printed creations: 12 pieces of water waves lamps. The lamps are inspired by "Water Painting" of Chinese ancient artist Ma Yuan in Song Dynastry.

BoWen Song graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in June of this year. She was impressed by 3D printing and found that 3D printing technology has been successfully applied to the product design in other countries.

"I was excited about 3D printing technology that doesn't require any mold, which is opposite to the traditional production method. The 3D printing process is fast, the cost is very low, and it allows designers to pursue all kinds of art design. It allows me to think from a totally new perspective." Song said.

In her recent design she combines 3D printing with the parametric design concept in the architecture. In early 2012 Song's Cornices and Stream Lines are listed in the top 20 of "The Hats Off to 3D Printing Challenge" organized by i.materialise.com.

(Price: 437.58 € excl. VAT, material: Polyamide)

(Price: 154.61 € excl. VAT, material: Polyamide)

In June 2012 her "12 water waves lamps" won the highest award "President's Nomination" at the Central Academy of Fine College in Beijing.

price: around 2888 rmb / €359 / $462 each

After graduation 25-year-old Song started her own "Glow Studio" with her boyfriend making customized products. They have their products positioned as customized arts with limited quantity.

For Song, 3D product design is more like a digitalized growing system, when a parameter is changed in the system, the model is changed. Song said, these products are like life, they change over time. This is a dynamic growing process, and each creation is the product of each moment in this process. And she will focus on making unique, exquisite, personalized products in the future.

3D printed pens, material: Polyamide


Images credit / source: Glow Studio


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