Oct. 29, 2012

RapMan 3.2 owners can now also use Axon 3 on their machines, announced Bits From Bytes today.

Axon 3, the newest powerful slicing engine created by Bits From Bytes features build profiles for creating sharp corners, smooth faces and making fine details. With Axon 3 your parts can be sliced into layers in some seconds comparing almost half an hour for the same job from the older version.

The second upgrade is three color printing: Simply drop your multi-material part into Axon 3, if you have a tripple head machine, it can print objects in up to three colors. You can load the three different model files that represent each of the colours/materials and the software will combine them into one.


Further the company has also corrected some minor glitches that were occurring on the 3DTouch.

Up to now AXON 3 is only compatible with the 3D Touch and RapMan 3.2 and it can be downloaded here.


Source: Bits from Bytes 1, 2


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