Oct. 30, 2012

The first-ever line of 3D printed electric and bass guitars, designed by Olaf Diegel, is now available for purchase on Cubify. There are totally eight unique electric and bass guitar designs, and each of them is customizable. You'll be able to work with Olaf Diegel to tailor the instrument to your needs. You can choose your neck and freboard, select your pickups and preferred color. You can also have your name (or your band's name) 3D printed on the back of the guitar.

These unique guitars and basses by designer Olaf Diegel were inspired by biomimicry. Olaf's first guitar, the Scarab, was born out of his passion for 3D printing and the opportunity to combine his engineering background and his love of music. The Atom design was inspired by Olaf's trip to Durban, South Africa, when he saw drops of oil coalescing on the surface of the water in the harbor - a pattern reminiscent of atomic structures as seen through a microscope. The Spider design came from the interpretation of the ultimate heavy metal instrument through the lens of arachnids. And as a counter-point, the Hive guitar came as a representation of the flower-power hippie sound, made manifest through an exploration of cellular structures in a peaceful honeycomb.

Here are some examples:

1. Spider LP Bass Guitar: Inspired by the idea of the ultimate heavy metal instrument.

Materials" Strong White Plastic, Price: $3,500

2. Atom Bass Guitar: Inspired by oil coalescing on water in atom-like patterns, as seen under a microscope.

Material: Strong White Plastic; Price: $3,500

3. Hive Guitar: Inspired by the peace-loving hippie vibe and honeycomb cellular structures.

Material: Strong White Plastic; Price: $3,500

4. Spider Guitar: Inspired by the idea of the ultimate heavy metal instrument, as seen through nature.

Material: Strong White Plastic; Price: $3,000

5. Spider Guitar: Material: Strong White Plastic; Price: $3,000


Images credit / Source: Cubify


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