Oct. 31, 2012

Michael Williams 3D printed some acoustic stands for mobile phone. The stand can not only hold your phone but also direct the sound towards you with improved clarity and volume.

He uses 123D Make to slice the 3D model, set up the material and get ready for 3D printing. Using Shapeways' 3D printing service he had the model printed in Polished Alumide and Glossy Black Ceramic. The cheapest print was about $43, but that was still a little pricey if your item is for sale. So how do you cut out even more volume without a lot of manual work? Michael came up with an instruction to show you how to use 123D Make to cut as much volume out of a model, because most prices for prints are based on volume.

The step-by-step instruction on how to make your model hollow in Blender is uploaded on instructable.com. You can simply follow each steps to edit and export your model for 3D printing.

I will show you an example of the price savings though through Shapeways as they are my printer of choice, and to show that using this works. You'll see that a non-sliced model in WSF is $102.39!!! Wow pricey for an acoustic stand for a phone. You'll see I have 2 different versions of the sliced model up. One is designed for Sandstone which requires 3mm walls, and one designed for WSF as I've shown you how to produce. With this technique the one designed for Sandstone is $28.80, and the one designed for WSF is $28.73. These models are not hollowed like I showed in the Optional step 1. Doing that would make them even cheaper!


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