Oct. 31, 2012

Nick Allen started the company 3D Print UK in 2011 with the aim to open the UK 3D printing market to the consumer. Together with designer Rob, mobile developer Alasdair, and Vibol, a New Zealander video editor, the team set up a new company Brikstarter to provide services for your Kickstarter campaign.

(Image credit: Brikstarter)

Today crowdfunding site Kickstarter has a new move - UK based projects has its very own listings on Kickstarter. This will make it very easy for UK users to fund their projects. The launch of Kickstarter in the UK is certainly a great news for Brikstarter.

How does Brikstarter work?

You approach Brikstarter with your idea. Brikstarter will work with you to develop it into a product. You will get a package including a full design, CAD models, a 3D printed prototype, pledge forcast and your pledge video. In return Brikstarter charge you a minimal set up fee, 10% of the Pledge and 10% non-exec stake in the product or company.


Nick says, "The idea is not to make masses of money up front from the projects, but by the end of the year the goal would be to have a 10 per cent stake in 20 different companies. We're like investors, but rather we invest our time, skill and equipment rather than capital into a product."


Source: Gizmodo


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