Nov.8, 2012

Airships were the most fascinating aircrafts, ever crossed the skies and forever will be (well, maybe one day Imperial Star Destroyers will be a bit cooler, but till then airships absolutely rule). So, why not build your own?

Here is a nice project: silent_runner, a small high performance model airship. The silent_runner consists of several parts and materials, including RC electronics and an Arduino. Check out here the quick guide for how to get the silent_runner airship running with many 3D-printable parts. The full detail 3D model are available at Thingiverse. Remember the 3D printed parts should be sliced and printed with care as they are optimized for low weight and thus have a filigree structure.

(Images credit: silent-runner)

Thanks to modern materials and electronics, RC-airships can be incredible fast and agile while consuming very low energy and they are really fun to fly. All parts are cheap and easy to assemble. Build your airship today and stop wasting battery power to low efficiency planes and quadrocopters, but start over with endless endurance and amazing grace.

Watch below a video showing some nice testflights of the first silent_runner.


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