Nov.8, 2012

When you explore Google Earth and see those very beautiful 3D buildings, have you ever thought of creating your own 3D physical models from Google Earth 3D buildings and terrain? If you own a 3D printer you can pretty much fabricate 3D building you like.

techshopzack at Instructables has written an easy-to-follow tutorial summarizing how to 3D print a real life building from Google earth. What you will need is pretty simple: A computer to run Google Earth, Google Sketch-Up, and Replicator G. All are free downloads. And of course, a DIY 3D printer, Makerbot, RepRap etc.

In Google Earth any 3D building that highlights blue when mouse-over can be found in 3D Warehouse, the repository of user-made 3D model files. When you find the right 3D model you can use Sketch-Up to prepare the file and make some changes. You need then to download and install an .stl export plug-in to export the file as an .STL file. The .STL file can be read by Replicator G and G-code can be generated for 3D printing.

techshopzack chose Taipei 101, the highest building in Taiwan as an example and "it was printed at .27mm res with 1 layer wall thickness. No raft, no support. Layer time was adjusted to minimum 15 seconds so the tower wouldn't slump at the highest levels". Check out the photos below and the full post on Instructables.


Images credit / source: Instructables


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