Nov.11, 2012

Kaadee404 purchased and built a 3D printer Kit but making gears, robots or toys didn't seem to interest her. She wanted to make fashion accessories with a high quality feel. A friend sent her information of 3D printing in nylon and since then she has been printing all kinds of accessories such as purses, clutch's, belts, wallets, rings, bracelets, compact cases, earrings and necklaces.

On Instructables she showed how she designed a Lip Gloss shell, a compact replacement case, a simple ring, a bracelet, a simple credit card DL and money pocket using free 3D CAD program, a 3D printer, Nylon material, soldering iron, knife and other simple tools.

(Images credit: Kaadee404)

The designs are all pretty basic and the idea is that you are free to modify the design or change the color of printing. Kaadee404 wanted to show that you can create all types of designs by adding your imagination. "I am now designing purses with slots and pockets. I want to find a way of printing one color on top of other colors like printing blue initials on a white purse. Or printing different color patterns on a solid color purse or clutch." said she.


Source: Instrutables


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