Nov.13, 2012

At the eyewear fair this month in Paris, eyewear designer Mykita showcased Mylon eyewear, a collection of luxury sports sunglasses that redefine the borders between the worlds of fashion and sports by combining technological innovation and craftsmanship.

Every MYLON model can be adjusted to fit individual's head. It has low weight and outstanding durability. The keys are an innovational production process: 3D printing, to be precise here Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and a patented polyamide-based material that can be individually adjusted to the wearer.

In 2007 MYKITA began experimenting with the polyamide material, aiming to pioneer it in the production of spectacles. After years of research MYKITA developed a complex process that creates a sophisticated finish in several steps and gives the frames a unique visual and tactile appeal. MYKITA named the new material MYLON and has since won recognition for the development process in the shape of the 2011 iF material award.

Mykita is the first company to begin making eyewear with the SLS technology and it launched collaborations with Romain Kremer and Rad Hourani last year and recently Moncler.

3D printing is a way of making better products. It is a great tool to design and produce unique and personalized products and eventually it could open the door to a new level of personalization, just image all future products at your home will be designed to only fit you and nobody else. Eventually customers can all get hands on the final products and meaning of manufacturing would be redefined.


Source: Eye Spectacle


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