Nov.13, 2012

Joshua Harker, sculptor and artistic visionary, is today launching a new project on Anatomica di Revolutis. His last project, Crania Anatomica Filigre: Me to You, was the most funded sculpture project in the history of Kickstarter. Harker's inspiration for his latest project is the Third Industrial Revolution, a concept of social transformation brought about by the latest convergences of new communication technologies, digital modeling, 3D printing and the crowd-funding phenomenon.

At a time when things are spinning absolutely out of control with global governments & economies, there are very real & functional ways to immediately start affecting positive & productive changes. Although this revolution is disruptive, it is not about Molotov cocktails& secret handshakes. It is non-violent & imminent. It will profoundly change the way we function socially, economically, & democratically. ~ Josh Harker

Representing the project is a 3-piece sculpture entitled "Anatomica di Revolutis" (loosely intended to mean "Anatomy of the Revolution"). Each component is 3D printed at Shapeways and designed to assemble together to present a larger narrative about the developing 3rd Industrial Revolution. The fully assembled sculpture features all 3 pieces & symbolizes liberty & prosperity through an empowered participatory populace. It is designed to hang on a wall or other vertical surface.

You can support his work by sharing this project or becoming a backer at any level on Kickstarter.

(Images credit: Josh Harker)

Harker, a former student of anatomy and forensic art at the Kansas City Art Institute and St. Ambrose University, crafts his work from 3d printed polyamide, which is essentially a nylon & glass powder fused together with a laser. This communally-raised flower-child progeny turned Rebel-With-A-Cause CEO has, since 2008, re-devoted himself full-time to his art and the powerful messages that each evocative sculpture imparts.

Harker's work has gained international recognition and acclaim and is among over 2000 collections including such notable artists as Andy Warhol, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, R. Crumb, & Robert Williams.

The Digital Age has met the 3rd Industrial Revolution & momentum is we go. ~ Josh Harker



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