Nov.14, 2012

This week the whole media world is writing about world's first 3D photo booth which was unveiled in Japan. Unfortunately this is not the world first. ThreeDee-You, a Madrid-Spain based photo studio has been producing 3d sculptures of people since June 2010.

At ThreeDee-You, customers will be asked to come to the studio to get 3D scanned. They only need to stand still for 2.5 seconds posing, not 15 minutes. They will then get to select their favorite outfit and make changes in ThreeDee-You's software Camerino. They can choose the pose such as seating, standing, smiling and gesture, expression, shape and color. The process can be repeated until customers get satisfied by the result.

They can then choose among three different products: photo-sculpture, off the wall and solid genes.

"Photo-sculptures" are the whole body photo-realistic color sculptures that reproduce the pose, the gesture, the expression, the clothes of customers.

"Off the wall" are produced using the same technique as photo-sculptures. These representations of persons apparently getting out of the wall are made in two versions: to display on table and to hang. Off the wall's should be illuminated with vertical light to get the best visual effect. Off the wall's can be ordered in any color.

"Solid genes" is a project cooperated with Genetic Photos that your photo-sculpture will be framed by a "design wall", depicting the part of your genetic code that makes you unique.

The material used for 3D printing is a high tech material that gives a touch similar to "biscuit", or porcelain without the glass finishing. The photo-sculptures prices vary from €97.50 to €297.50, depending on the scale you choose (from 4.7cm to 25.3cm), small children of less than 1m height have special prices. From the second copy the price is €20 less than the price of an original. Your photo-sculpture will be then ready in two weeks.

Below are photos and videos showing the miniatures and what you need to do to get them made. For more information you can visit ThreeDee-You site.

(Images credit: ThreeDee-You)

(In Spanish only)


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Tom wrote at 6/15/2013 6:21:02 AM:

... as it is more of having a good scan and the knowledge to adapt it to the printer´s capabilities.

ThreeDee-You wrote at 11/14/2012 8:16:39 PM:

From the second copy the price is €20 LESS than the price of an original... Thanks for the nice article!

Anonymous wrote at 11/14/2012 4:50:16 PM:

I visited this studio in 2010. When I asked which Zcorp printer they used the owner went from friendly to downright mean. Suddenly I couldn't take any more pictures and I had to leave the store immediately. He wanted to keep it a secret I guess, which is fine. He didn't have to be such a dick about it though...

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