Nov.19, 2012

Brooklyn, N.Y. based Solidoodle just announced the Solidoodle 3 – 3D printer. This latest product in the Solidoodle lineup of 3D printers has a very large build areas: the printable dimensions is 8" x 8" x 8" (512 in³) — more than twice the volume of the Solidoodle 2 (216 in³). Now users can print large objects with up to .1 mm in layer resolution.

The Solidoodle 3 is same as as other Solidoodle 3D printers which is fully assembled with everything you need to get started.


  • 8" x 8" x 8" (203 x 203 x 203 mm) build envelope
  • Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS recommended)
  • 13.5" x 14" x 14" (343 x 356 x 356 mm) case footprint (L x W x H)
  • Durable metal frame
  • Heated Build Platform
  • Interior lighting
  • Open design (no outer cover/door)
  • RepRap Sanguinololu v1.3a Electronics
  • Nichrome powered extruder
  • 0.35mm nozzle
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Price: $799 (€627 / £503)

The new printer is available for pre-order and will begin shipping in January 2013.

According to the company, the Solidoodle 2 will be continued as a product.

The current line is:

  • Solidoodle 2 Basic: $499 (6" x 6" x 6" / 152 x 152 x 152 mm)
  • Solidoodle 2 Pro: $598
  • Solidoodle 2 Expert: $698
  • Solidoodle 3: $799

Solidoodle was founded in late 2011 by aeronautical engineer and 3D printer industry-veteran Sam Cervantes. According to Solidoodle, within its initial year of operations, the company has grown to over 60 employees and has delivered over 1,200 printers. With the announcement of its latest model, Solidoodle expects to see a record-breaking 2013.

Thanks Francesco C. & Ron S. for the tip!


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