Nov.20, 2012

In a Twitter interview "#AskFuturist" today, followedby1d asked:"When will we be able to download food from the internet?"

Cisco futurist Dave Evans said:"Not food, but the recipes to print food. Roughly 15 year horizon, but prototypes now." Evans predicted that in 15 years we will be able to "print" food.

At the latest Food Inspiration Days 2012 (Eindhoven, the Netherlands, October 2012) TNO gave a demonstration on 3D food printing.

(Image credit: OmroepBrabant)

Watch the video below "3D Printing: now printing food too" made by TNO Research.

The 3D printing method can be used to manufacture complex multi-material products, simply by using a separate print head. Applications for this can be found among a whole range of sectors like electronics, solar cells, lighting and food.

According to TNO, food printing offers a range of potential benefits:

  1. The technology can help to convert alternative ingredients such as proteins from algae, beet or even insects into tasty products that are not only good for health but also for the environment.
  2. A food printer also opens the way to fully customizable nutrition (Personalized Food) since it can make products that exactly meet the needs and preferences of individuals.
  3. In addition, the printer can ensure that your fresh and healthy dish is ready when you get home.
  4. Finally, the 3D food printing can create more freedom in food design. This applies not only to the 3D shape but also to the composition (ingredients and their interactions), the structure and texture, not to mention the taste.

TNO is working on the next generation of machines: Print Valley, the factory of the future. The Print Valley will be able to produce all unique products at one time, from different materials, or even use multiple materials.

Watch below the video of TNO3D printer PrintValley. - At the moment it uses UV inks. But print heads of all types and brands can be build into this modulair system.

3D printing is an innovative manufacturing process, according to Dave Evans, "there would possibly be a manufacturing revolution due to 3D printing – igniting a new wave of innovation."

Source: TNO


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