Nov.23, 2012

One of the strengths of 3D printing is its ability to make the conservation and restoration of the ancient artifacts. Folks at jaggeree have been using emerging technology to help in the preservation/recording of a very special steam locomotive.


Winifred was an ordinary Steam locomotive built in 1885 for the Penrhyn Slate Quarry. For most of her 80 year working life, she worked at Port Penrhyn helping in the transfer of finished slates to be transported around the world. American businessman Tony Hulman bought her in 1965 but after two year's display she was then placed in storage for over 40 years.

In 2012 thanks to the efforts of Julian Birley, and a promise to the Hulman estate that Winifred will be restored sensitively. Using a laser scanner and gigapixel photography Digital Surveys, who had a specialism in measuring, produced a accurate record of her geometry and condition.

Watch this video of the point cloud made by Digital Surveys.


Digital Surveys then took the laser data and produce an engineering model of Winifred."The quality of the model is exceptional and will be of great use in the reassembly of Winifred during restoration."


Digital data allows engineers to remove swathes of the model to see clearly certain details and they can also pull some of the more historical detailed data into the model, such as the damage to the dome.


The 3D model was then sent to Sculpteo for 3D printing a copy of Winifred at 1:25. The 3D print was made in the cheapest white plastic and with all of the inherent faults of the medium and process, however as you can see from the pictures below, it is still a beautiful and exquisite model. - "It is an artefact of digital reproduction and the industrial revolution; both the old one powered by humans and the new one which has more computers and robots."

(Images credit: jaggeree)


Thanks Chris T. for the tip!


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