Dec.10, 2012

Netherlands gets its first 3D print shop. Opened by Hanneke van Pampus and Norman van Beek, this 3D print shop 3DSVP is located in Koningstreet in Haarlem.

The shop will officially be open in January 2013, but 3DSVP already takes orders through its online store. The products are printed with polyamide (PA2200), a nylon-like plastic on a selective laser sintering machine from EOS. This whitish fine powder has high strength and stiffness and can be used to print plastic parts of highest quality. The minimum print thickness is 0.7mm. It is also bio compatible and approved for food contact. It is also possible to order parts 3D printed in silver, stainless steel or parts coated with gold.

You can buy or make your own design, for example iPhone / iPad cases, jewelry or lamps, upload and wait for your 3D printed product to be delivery to you home.

The price for the design varies depending on the material and how much it is used. "We focus mainly on selling phone cases." says Hanneke van Pampus, co-founder of the store. "Such a customized iPhone case will cost 39 euros."

3D printing service has long existed - the best known example is the Dutch-American Shapeways. One of its factories is located in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. 3DSVP provides the first physical store in the Netherlands where people can walk inside and talk/work with staff.


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