Dec.13, 2012

Opened by MULTISTATION, a france-based industrial equipment distributor, this 3D print shop PROTOSHOP is located near Montparnasse station in downtown Paris.

The shop is officially opened in October 2012. Different kinds of 3D printers are presented, and your design can be printed on site on different machines with material of your choices.

"We focus mainly on selling machines." says Clément BOUTET, manager of the store.

Customers will have a large choice of machines, including fully assembled EXTRU 3D printer and printer kit, the 3,000 euros TOUCH PRINT and professional high precision Solidscape 3D printers. Solidscape uses Drop-on-Demand ("DoD") thermoplastic ink-jetting technology and can be used for printing complex wax objects, ideal for lost wax investment casting and mold making applications.

Also displayed in the shop are 3D scanning devices with different levels of precision. A silicone vacuum casting machine is presented as a demo. Different specific CAD software are available including 3D-Doctor software, An imaging, rendering and visualization software for MRI, CT and microscopy.

The division MULTISTATION SECOND LIFE, selling second hand rapid prototyping machines on site, is having the last sale of an 2009 EDEN 260V at a very reasonable price.

If you rent or buy your own 3D printer, 3D scanning device or vacuum casting machine you will receive training from the technicians of the PROTOSHOP supported by the hot line of Multistation.

You can buy iPhone / iPad cases, jewelry or lamps in Protoshop or print out your own design. Simply upload your design file and wait for your 3D printed product to be delivered to your home. The price for printing out the design depends on the material and how much it is used.

"Our customers will mainly come from academic world, from the design or industrial design bureaus." says BOUTET.

The PROTOSHOP of MULTISTATION is the first 3D print physical store in France where people can walk inside and talk/work with staff. Protoshop is opened from Monday to Friday 10:00-18:30 at 14 Rue d' Armorique Paris 15. But remember to make an appointment before you go there (+33


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