Dec.14, 2012

Atelier Ted Noten presented the new collection ''7 Necessities'' last week for the first time in its entirety in Ornamentum Gallery at Design Miami. The ''7 Necessities'' is seven survival kits for women and all objects were first 'crafted' on the computer and then 3D printed in nylon by selective laser sintering method and finished with gold, silver and precious stones.

Survival kits – which items would be absolutely essential in an emergency? What kind of emergency? Which context? Ted Noten has come up with this survival package of which he believes it contains everything a woman may need, under any imaginable circumstance, in order to 'be her own man' without forfeiting her femininity. Sexism? Irony? For those who know Noten's defiant designs it will be instantly clear that the designer enjoys provocation and that irony is his weapon of choice.

The survival kit consists of 7 characteristically feminine necessities, including basic attributes such as a purse, a helmet and a pair of sunglasses, but also exceptional attributes like a chastity belt, a mask, a gun and a traditional ‘Chatelaine’. Upon closer inspection, they are not what they seem to be at first glance. Highly ingenious systems with secret compartments are used for storing lipsticks or botox, but also to hide nasty weapons.

The ''7 Necessities'' are:

Beauty Mask:

This white mask is a replica of the face of Nefertiti (ca. 1350 BC), the Royal wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, who was considered a remarkably beautiful woman. Noten created a Nefertiti-mask with tiny holes to inject either 'botox' of 'filler' in the face that hides behind the mask. The injected fluids will subsequently sculpt the face according to the rules of perfect beauty. In case the beautifying operation does not succeed, a golden suicide pill offers a last resort. (The design of the mask was based on the Marquardt Beauty Mask)

Dimensions: 16x15x8cm

Materials: nylon, syringe from glass, needle 22kt gold-plated, zirconia, glass bottle engraved with flowers-inside towel to disinfect, 18kt golden capsule, rubber gloves.


Dior 002 Gun, The White Edition:

This contemporary must-have gadget is produced on a 3-D printer, then retrofitted with hand-tooled details. The gun conceals a 4-gigabyte thumb drive for snapshots, personal data and corporate secrets; it also hides a Dior lip-gloss, a sparkling diamond, various white pills and other necessities any worldly woman would like to carry with her.

Dimensions: 25x12x4cm

Materials: nylon, USB-stick with various images of men, mirror-glass, acrylic bullet containing diamonds silver necklace, 14kt white gold hairpin, white lip-gloss, tablets.



Chatelaine is French for 'mistress of the castle'. In 18th and 19th century, women in charge of their estates wore a decorative clip of long chains holding important household items about the waist. The woman who wears this chatelaine can show off her wealth and status with the credit card fan, one of the 12 different modular items.

Dimensions: 13x18x1cm, modular divers dimensions

Materials: nylon, glass with PARADISE, diamond, gold.


Trophy Helmet:

Noten's Trophy Helmet is the ultimate showpiece for a woman on the hunt. It represents both her valuable possessions as well as her resolve to obtain them. The beautifully crafted helmet displays the collection of rings, as well as the tools that enabled finding these symbols of eternal love, including a radar device and a telescope.

Dimensions: 40x32x30cm

Materials: nylon, rabbit fur, leather, silver 22kt gold-plated, acrylic monocular, glass loupe.


Chastity Belt:

Chastity belts have conflicting connotations. Their primary purpose seemed to reside in preventing women to engage actively in sexual intercourse. However, some use them to create just the opposite impression. This abundantly decorated chastity belt contains many details, such as a valuable gem and a small video device that presents images of the sea.

Dimensions: 33x23x20cm

Materials: silver 22kt gold-plated, diamond, video player.


Purse of Wonders:

In need of sperm whale oil, known for its anti-wrinkle properties? One can find the precious substance in the Purse of Wonders, as well as other wonders, such as lipstick, drug paraphernalia, a wedding ring, and a crystal ball to predict the near future.

Dimensions: 30x35x14cm (closed) 80x66 cm (open)

Materials: crystal ball, mirror-glass, silver 22kt gold plated-lock system and drug paraphernalia, 14kt gold (engraved wedding ring), 18kt gold decoration-lipstick container and lotion dropper, spermwhale lotion, Swarovski zirconia’s, red lipstick (Chanel), Alka Seltzer powder, Champaign bottle.


Glasses for a Woman on the Warpath

Noten's spyglasses are the perfect device for a woman on the warpath. The nylon sunglasses contain many hidden compartments, one of the arms houses an aggressive crystal ice pick.A golden eyebrow completes the story.

(Images courtesy of Photographer: Atelier Ted Noten)

Dimensions: 17x15x6cm

Materials: 14 kt gold, mountain crystal.


With his mix of basic necessities with unanticipated weapons, and of cheap materials with precious metals, Noten once again defies the rules of the jewel world and enters in an area where art and design meet on communal grounds.



Source: Atelier Ted Noten


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