Dec.22, 2012

Following Makerbot took down 3D-printed gun parts blue plans on Thingiverse, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson said that they planed to start their own site for hosting 3D printable gun files. A day later, was launched by Defense Distributed. Wilson believed his project has become more vital.

"This site is a makeshift response to Makerbot Industries' decision to censor files uploaded in good faith at Thingiverse, specifically firearms-related files. We are hosting as many of the pulled files as we can find." "No object file will be censored unless it is malicious software. When we say freedom of information, we mean it."- announced Defense Distributed.

The site was created in a hurry so it is not possible to upload plans yet, but the team said the features would be added in a few hours. The site wanted users to send STLs and other CAD files by e-mail and they has tried to post projects pulled from MakerBot on the site. So far there are 14 items listed, and 4 new items waiting for uploading.

Wilson said in an earlier video that his goal was to distribute the files across the internet as much as possible. And his project was about fighting the censorship and making sure these files are out there.


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Christopher wrote at 5/12/2014 8:08:22 AM:

And people saved too, I would imagine. People sometimes forget about the lives saved by firearms. I am alive as a direct result of having a gun to defend myself. And, just because it saved mine doesn't mean that I had to take his. And I might add that he was shooting at me BEFORE he realized I had the means to return fire and defend myself. This technology won't make it any easier for a bad guy to arm himself. It will still be easier and probably cheaper for the average criminal to acquire a traditionally manufactured weapon. It will allow someone with means and some interest in both firearms and 3d printing technologies the means to create a home defense or target/hunting gun that doesn't require him to put his name on a list that may put him at risk of having them forcefully removed from him or advertise the fact that I would be a good candidate for a home invasion because my gun collection is in a database that keeps getting hacked and leaked to the public. Would you willingly post a list of all the valuables in your home someplace where thieves could run a simple search to find out who house to go shopping at next?

Eduardo wrote at 1/24/2013 11:51:31 PM:

Soon we will have statistics about people that had been killed by 3D printed weapons.

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