Dec.23, 2012

The awesome $35 Raspberry Pi provides so many possibilities for hackers and makers. Nathan Morgan, an enthusiastic maker decided to build a mobile Raspberry Pi that he can take wherever he goes. And he named it Pi-to-Go.

With the help of Google sketchup and a 3D printer the Pi-to-Go has got a 3D printed case, which consists of:

  • bottom base
  • left cover (access door)
  • right cover
  • LCD screen assembly
  • back access door cover

The parts were 3D printed and assembled together (except the back access door) by four screws. The case packs a Model B version 1 Raspberry Pi, a 3.5" LCD screen with 640 x 480 pixels resolutions, a mini wireless 2.4Ghz USB QWERTY Keyboard & Touchpad mouse. The Raspberry Pi itself has 256MB memory and Morgan added a 64GB Samsung SATA II SSD so that he has enough space for storing files. The Pi-to-Go has also a 4GB SD card, build-in WiFi and Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery which could last 10 hours. The battery is taken from a Dell Latitude D600 laptop and has a standard Dell 9 pin battery connector. Morgan bought an after market laptop battery charger and connect it directly to the battery's 9 pin connector for charging.

If you add the prices in the parts list, the total cost for the build is only about $390, not included the 3D printed case.

Morgen published the complete instruction on how to build this Pi-to-go computer and the links to purchase all the parts needed and the links to download the 3D printed files for the cases on You can also download the files for 3D printing the cases on Thingiverse.



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