Dec.25, 2012

MakiBox announced its new store and new model for holidays. All existing backers will be asked to select their final order details and will be able to choose a combination of material and printer.

Makibox has come a long way since its crowd funding launched in January. At this stage they are testing firmware with host software trying to improve the print quality. The latest test print was a printrboard case, it is with the Alpha 00 unit and prototype filament drive. 0.4mm nozzle, 0.4mm layer height. Watch the video below.

Makibox is working on the final updates of AlphaBox and preparing for sending out the Beta units. If it goes smoothly, Makibox will then start production on the backorders.

You can find 4 items in Makibox's new store. It offers Makibox A6 3D printer with three different kinds of print bed and a printer and Ramen Bundle.

Basic specifications of Makibox A6 3D printer:

  • Build volume: 150mm x 110mm x 90mm
  • Positional Resolution: 0.04mm (full step resolution) in XYZ, output resolution depends on output speed and nozzle size.
  • Nozzle: 0.4mm Default, 0.3mm and 0.5mm available
  • Electronics: Printrboard Rev B with MakiBox Firmware
  • Printer Dimensions: 290mm x 235mm x 235mm
  • Controller Board
  • 120W or higher power supply (100V-220V AC)

The listed models are:

MakiBox A6 LT 3D printer: $200
It comes with a frosted acrylic printing bed. It uses PLA 1.75mm filament and similar lower temperature plastics. Current lead time is 6-10 weeks.

A6 HT Acrylic 3D printer: $300

The MakiBox A6 HT comes with a heated stainless steel printing bed and it uses PLA, ABS, or other 1.75mm filament. Current lead time is 6-10 weeks.

A6 HT Stainless 3D printer: $350
It comes with a heated stainless steel printing bed. Current lead time is 6-10 weeks.

A6 HT 3D printer and Ramen Bundle: $400

This is a package including a A6 HT Stainless 3D printer and a MakiBox Ramen. The MakiBox Ramen is a compact extruder for turning plastic pellets into filament used by most 3D printers. There is no complete prototype yet, so the current lead time is 10-12 weeks.

(All images credit: Makibox)


For tracking the progress and projects you might want to follow-up on, please check Makibox's website.



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