Jan.1, 2013

Panucatt launched its new ViKi LCD, an elegant looking LCD control interface for your 3D printer on Kickstarter on Dec.14, 2012. Up to now it has got 129 backers and $10,475 pledged of its $5,000 goal.

What is ViKi LCD then?

ViKi stands for Visual Kinetic control Interface. ViKi LCD is a sleek and versatile LCD Control interface that allows your 3D printer to operate without a PC always connected and provides visual indication of things like temperature and peripheral activity.

It will work with most 3D printer controllers that has at least 128kb of programming space, tested with Azteeg X3, Azteeg X1 v1.5, RAMPS, Sanginololu with 1284P and PrintrBoard. It just needs the i2c pins and 2 pins for the encoder to get basic control, so you might be able to use it along with RAMBo, Gen7 with 1284P and other controllers.


  • 20x4 Character LCD (nice and bright, good viewing angles)
  • I2C communications (less wires)
  • microSD slot with card detect
  • Rotary Encoder with center button
  • Pause/Reset Button
  • 4 way Navigation Buttons
  • 3 addressable LEDs, 1 SD card LED
  • Dimmable backlight using PWM pin
  • Arduino compatible library by adafruit and Lincomatic's LIQUIDTWI2
  • Poly-carbonate graphic overlay to protect LCD
  • Built-in shift register. 5v and 3.3v compatible


The price of ViKi LCD base kit is $75, including LCD panel, 2 cable harnesses and mounting hardware, free USA shipping. For $85 you will get a ViKi LCD MCU upgrade kit - the base kit PLUS a Pre-programmed Atmega1284P chip (SMD or DIP) for those using the ATmega 644P on their controllers.

(Images credit: Panucatt)

If you would like to have a professional looking panel, head over to ViKi LCD Kickstarter page. Right now there are 2 graphic color (black and white) and 2 backlight options (Yellow-green and Gray-blue) available, both are easy to read and nice to look at. The campaign will be ended in two days by Jan 3, 2013.





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