Jan.5, 2013

Back in May, 2012 PsychoBob's ambitious project: Atlas co-op bot (Portal 2) has drawn a lot of attention from communities: because all the parts are 3D-printed in WSF and it is one of the most complicated and detailed project being printed.

And now PsychoBob has completed his project: as promised, he added a part 2, an awesome base to finish off the model.

At the beginning PsychoBob tried to bring the costs down by 'scratch building' certain parts instead of 3D printing the entire thing, but it failed. He decided to 3D print the entire base. He modeled the base in Solidworks and uploaded the model file for 3D printing.

After receiving the printed parts the first thing he needed to do was to sand the parts. The parts were really nice and smooth after 1-2 days work and all the stepping that naturaly comes from SLS printing was virtually gone. Then he mounted the base on some MDF with a cheap mixture of glue and water. After most of the prep work was ready, he painted the pieces, added the decals and the circuit for the base.

The 2 final steps was to connect atlas to the base circuit, so that they both share the same USB cable and to also assemble Atlas, the button, the ring and the wooden base together.

The custom base for Atlas model has been completed and they've now been fitted together. With this, Atlas now has a proper USB cable to provide it with power and has a fancy base to show it off. So here's it is!

(Images credit: PsychoBob)

Read the detailed steps on PsychoBob's blog and check out this video below:


Source: Shapeways






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