Jan.9, 2013

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today Cubify Capture, a new portal service that allows users to upload photos and videos from their digital, smartphone or tablet camera to its Cubify.com destination and automatically transform the images into 3D models.

The company plans to expand the services of its Cubify Capture portal to include a full suite of thematic scan-to-print web and mobile apps. Users can capture on the go and upload pictures or video to Cubify.com where a 3D model is generated automatically and saved in the user's Cubify account. These 3D models can be used for further modeling, customizing or fusing with other elements and readied for printing at home or through Cubify cloud printing, in monochrome, durable plastic or full color.

How does it work?

To get started, you will need a digital camera (your mobile phone camera will work) and an object you want to capture as a 3D model. Here is the process:

  1. Capture 30-40 images (or 20-60 second video) as you walk around of your object.
  2. Log onto Cubify.com --> Menu "Create" --> "Cubify Capture Beta"
  3. Upload your images or video
  4. Cubify Capture's cloud processing engine will then use your photos to digitally reconstruct the object in 3D. (Takes 30mins to a few hours depending on your images).
  5. When the processing is complete, Cubify Capture will send you an email with a link.
  6. You can then view the model in 3D, edit the model with an on-screen "crop" tool.
  7. Finally, you can download your Cubify Capture model in .STL or obj+texture files for use in other 3D modelling applications.
The company plans to develop a series of Cubify Capture apps starting with Cubify Capture: Faces, designed specifically to capture facial features and seamlessly turn them into customized 3D printable memorabilia.

(Images credit: Cubify)





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