Jan.11, 2013

CNC Simulator is real-time 3D CNC machine system simulator. It simulates the path that the tool of a CNC lathe would take for a given program. It is a contemporary and advanced but easy to use system with a virtual CNC controller and various machines as well as the integrated CAM system SimCam.

CNC Simulator announced recently it will introduce new machines, among them a 3D Printer. It will add features such as checking code for errors before printing, defining your own filament materials, from plastics to metal, changing material color etc.

Watch the preview of 3D printer simulator:


The CncSimulator Pro is "Returnware". We will provide you with a simulator license for free as long as you keep coming back to our site once in a while, fair enough? When the program expires we will send you a "petrol code". It will let you use the CncSimulator Pro completely free of charge during another 60 days. After this period the only thing we ask you to do is to return to our site to reactivate your license for another 60 days and so on.





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