Jan.16, 2013

The Creators Project, founded by a partnership between Intel and VICE, is launching a series of three new apps that transform your Facebook persona into 3D printable art on Thursday, Jan. 17. Mashable reports.

By looking at your Facebook interests, Likes, relationships and status updates, the apps — called Monster Me, Crystallized and Astroverb — create an abstract sculpture that embodies your online presence.

The Monster Me app

The Monster Me app by Korean-based design studio Sticky Monster Lab uses your birthday to determine the monster's shape, his environment is determined by your geographical location, the number of friends in your network to decide how many mini friends your monster has within the app. You can customize the monster's world by adding buildings to represent your interests and likes.

The Crystallized app

SOFTlab have created a geode rock crystal that's made up of your social relationships. Each point on the geode represents a friend and its shape is determined by the strength of your relationship. The more friends you add, the more interesting the form will be. Each point on the geode represents a friend and its distance from the center is determined by the strength of your relationship, ranging from mutual friends to interactions on Facebook.

The Astroverb app

(Images credit: The Creators Project)

Sosolimited developed their own tongue-in-cheek astrological system called "Morpholuminology" and set their algorithms to work on the text in your Facebook profile—analyzing your status updates and posts to create an absurdist horoscope (called a "Lexoscope") and a unique zodiac symbol (called a "Morphogram"), which you can 3D print and wear as a good luck charm. The app tracks and deconstructs your language, assessing it according to six key personality dimensions like "Extrovert," "Blasphemer," "Utopian," and others. Your personal ranking across each of the six dimensions determines your unique Lexoscope and Morphogram.

Each app creates a 3D sculpture, which is 3D printed by Shapeways, through layers of materials such as sandstone and stainless steel. It takes about five minutes to go through the creation and profile analysis process via the apps.

The three new apps are all free. The cost of 3D printing a figurine is about $15. Try all three experiences for yourself here: create.thecreatorsproject.com






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