Jan.28, 2013

Barcelona designer Bernat Cuni, founder of Cunicode, started earlier this month CrayonCreatures.com, a website to turn wonderful children's drawings into 3D printed volumetric figurines and nice looking objects to decorate the home and office. But it appears that the designer is also going to get adult audience by offering fully customizable sex toys printed in ceramic, a "body-safe" material as well as being more luxurious. Cuni is working on creating design software that allows customers to adjust the parameters of a product on screen before placing their order, according to an article by Dezeen.

The falling cost of 3D printers has seen a rise in demand for personalised sex toys that can be printed at home. But the mainstream 3D printing industry seems reluctant to talk about this nascent trend, writes Dezeen.

The site contacted senior executives at two major printer manufacturers, "both of whom said they were aware of the phenomenon but neither of whom wanted to speak on the record. One said: "What people do with our printers once they've bought them is up to them".

Almost all erotic gadgets have low-profiles on 3D model sharing sites. However, one website, launched three years ago, comes with an announcement - "to parody the awkward amount of suspiciously xxx objects uploaded daily to the popular 3D model warehouse Thingiverse."

A lot of people think this site is a joke. Dongiverse, a Thingiverse for dongs, has a very similar design as Thingiverse's old version. It is a site for sharing your designs (specially sex toys).

Dongiverse is a place for artists to share their creative visions. They say sex drive technology. We believe digital fabrication is on the cusp of mass adoption. With that in mind we bring you Dongiverse, a universe of dongs.

In the past three years, the site has very little changes. But this month, just days ago, Dongiverse announced plans to relaunch as a commercial venture with new business model. Besides uploading your model to the site, you will be able to order real, physical versions of featured objects uploaded to the site, announced the team in the blog.

When we leave Beta, the new Dongiverse will allow people to up-vote the sexiest models to the top, where we at Dongiverse will, if the model is printable and actually seems usable, generate a mold and offer the models for sale at a price the artist chooses. Artists will get a large cut of any sales (we're thinking 30-70's for starters, but will adjust that as necessary), and people order will get a custom-made silicone art piece in a color of their choosing.

The drawbacks of 3D printed sex toys is still surface finish and materials. Even Dongiverse writes in the blog that "the prints aren't actually water tight. And even if they are, it's damn near impossible to clean them because the striation leaves areas for things to get stuck in."

Only some products out of 3D printer can be considered as good quality for personal use. One of them is from a newcomer, Dutch "gentlemen's jewellery" brand Velv'Or. Its product "the JNaja" is produced in collaboration with Freedom of Creation from Nylon Fiber in the Netherlands, using a revolutionary new production process. "The JNaja is dyed black and will de-color as time goes by like stonewashed jeans, making it unique to its owner after hours of wearing pleasure."

(3D-printed sex toys by Velv'Or)

"The world of 3D-printed sex toys is growing rapidly and every day more and more brands pop up," says designer Jelle Plantenga of Velv'Or. "It has the potential to grow very big".



Source: Dezeen




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Bryan wrote at 1/31/2013 8:31:18 PM:

"It has the potential to grow very big" - That's what she said!

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