Jan.28, 2013

This Mario below is very different from those official action figures, it is made and printed by Seigey on a 3D printer and then painted afterwards.

The 3D model is printed with ABS plastic on a BFB 3D printer. It took 24 hours to finish the printing process, and the material cost is only about 5 dollars. When the 3D Mario is out of the printer, his head also fell off. Siegey had to glued the head, then sanded the model, added base coat and start painting. The painting process took him almost 5 hours.

The final result, this cute 3D printed Mario doesn't look that great as the official one, but it is really cool! siegey will improve the 3D prints for his later models, but we can already see the potential of 3D printing in the gaming industry. In some years, fans will be able to make their favorite action figures at home and the printing quality could be just as high as Laserjet level.

And most important, Siegey have had great fun in making his own Mario. It's the true meaning of making, isn't it.

(Images: Seigey)

On imgur.com you can find more photos of this Mario along with some explanation of the process. Siegey shared .stl file here if you want to make such one for your own.




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