Jan.30, 2013

Geomagic released yesterday its newest version of Geomagic Freeform 3D modeling software. Geomagic Freeform is a unique, touch-enabled solution that facilitates fast 3D modeling of highly detailed, organic shapes; these shapes can then be easily combined with geometric shapes for prototyping or manufacturing. In combination with Geomagic's Sensable Phantom haptic 3D input devices, users can navigate in true 3D and design with virtual clay as if sculpting by hand.

Yesterday in an interview on BBC News Geomagic CEO Ping Fu showcased her shoes, a pair of 3D designed and 3D printed shoes made to the shape of her feet. "I think in the future the product design will be in the software code, the product fabrication can be local. We call it mass customization". Says Ping. She thinks the 3D printing technology "is as big as steam engines... as big as the internet".

Born on the eve of China's Cultural Revolution, Ping Fu was separated from her family at the age of eight. She grew up fighting hunger and humiliation, and shielding her younger sister from the teenagers in Mao's Red Guard. At 25, she escaped to the United States; her only resources were $80 in traveler's checks and three phrases of English: Thank you, hello, and help.

Three decades later she has become a strong, independent, entrepreneurial leader and mother. She founded Geomagic with her husband in 1997, a software company which pioneers 3D technologies aiming to enable design and production of one-of-the-kind products and services at a cost less than mass production.

She was awarded in 2005 by Inc. Magazine as "The Entrepreneur of the Year", and now she is an adviser to President Barack Obama on innovation and is one of America's most celebrated female entrepreneurs.

She is also the author of book "Bend, Not Break" (detailed introduction here) and two books in Chinese and inventor of five U.S. and international patents. Coming straight to the U.S. from a Chinese prison, Ping's journey to entrepreneurship is a remarkable American dream by itself. Her childhood aspiration was to be an astronaut. Today her company's software is used to ensure safe return of every NASA space shuttle. "There is a deep current of humanity in the way we approach innovation and business" she says.

Below is the press release of the Freeform 2013:

With this release, Freeform becomes the only system to give product designers the freedom and flexibility to combine up to four different modeling approaches - voxels, subdivision surfaces, polygons and NURBS (Geomagic Freeform Plus only) - in the same manufacturable model.

With the new SubD surfacing, designers reap the benefits of SubD modeling: more control over smooth forms, hard edges, transitional blend control, and the ability to refine the mesh to allow detailed features such as textures to be captured - all while retaining fast and precise editing of the underlying base forms.

"Freeform 2013 improves upon an already fantastic digital sculpting package with a whole slew of new features," said Nick Whitmore, digital sculptor at Designworks Windsor Ltd., a design consultancy with offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia. "The new Manual Pattern Piece construction tool alone, which enables me to select a number of digital clay pieces, replicate them incredibly quickly and directly control the scale of each piece, increases my productivity in sculpting complex forms by over 200 percent! I also see a whole new world of even more productivity with the addition of subdivision modeling and the ability to combine the strengths of SubD and digital clay sculpting."

Geomagic Freeform 2013 software also includes complex patterning tools that empower users to create patterns from existing geometry along one or two curves, or across broad areas. In seconds, designers can add details, such as zippers along a single curve or laces between two curves, to make realistic designs. The software also includes the ability to create customized bitmap files for patterning and texture creation from existing geometry.

Another new feature is the ability to easily add detailed annotations to models, so that designers, clients and manufacturing partners using Geomagic Freeform caneach add pointers, comments, image links and web page links to models, thus streamlining collaboration throughout the design and production workflow. Geomagic Freeform 2013 also enhances standard tools such as 2D Lattice Deform and measurement functions. Lastly, new user-defined workflow wizards guide designers through repeatable workflows with simple, clear steps, allowing even novice users to become productive in a matter of hours.






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Visitor wrote at 3/19/2013 11:56:00 PM:

Ping Fu lies, fabricates, exaggerates till now. A woman with shallow character.

jason holmes wrote at 2/1/2013 11:07:02 AM:

can we learn more about 3d software an technolgy fo design and engineering, in london england.

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