Jan.31, 2013

Bleuette is a 3D printed hexapod robot with 6 legs and designed to run without any help. Each leg has two degrees of freedom and is driven by two independent servo-motor model.

The project was stopped a few years ago after failing to find a robust solution for the pivot of each leg. One early version of Bleuette was made of plexiglas but Hugo soon found out it was brittle and easily get scratched. Hugo wanted to have a more robust alternative material.

When 3D printer gets more affordable and useful for a project like Bleuette, Hugo bought a Ultimaker. With this entry-level 3D printer, he was able to start the Bleuette project again, and this time he can use PLA plastics. The robot body was too big to be printed in one piece, so it was divided into three sections in the software and printed out. Then he assembled them via Dovetail and fastened with threaded rods.

(Images credit: Digital spirit)

Bleuette is controlled by an Arduino board and a Bleuette Shield, which features:

  • Generation of 5V for Arduino
  • Measure the current drawn by the servos
  • Monitoring of the battery voltage
  • Management synchronous control 12 servos servos legs + 2 optional (based on PIC18F452)

Bleuette is an open source project, all mechanical, electronic plans, source code and CAD files are available on GitHub.


Source: Digitalspirit




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