Feb.1, 2013

During a summer break Matt Sconce and Phil Malen, undergraduates at Queens College in New York, had a idea: to create a beloved/hated internet meme, in statue form: Forever Alone statues.

It would be really cool to make and then market something of our own," said Matt. "We are both Reddtiors and the forever alone meme at the time just seem like the perfect choice to turn into a statue/toy."

Working together with sculptor Hanning Saden, they made this splendid Forever Alone sculpture, based on the famous Forever Alone, a comic character that is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life.

The team started with making a 3D model of Forever Alone face, then they 3D printed and casted a mould around the figure. Afterwards they had 30 of them made in resin and hand-painted them.

Their initial plan was to make a few to test the market and they set the price to be $79 per piece. But when BoingBoing discovered it and set the Forever Alone statue online, this first limited edition run of Forever Alone was immediately sold out. Later ThinkGeek also added Forever Alone Statuette on their shop. Due to popular demand, the team has outsourced to China to build these little heads, and now the price is lowered to to USD30 each.

(Images: foreveralonestatue.com)

Up to now, thousands of Forever Alone statuettes are sold and the team estimates they've made $2,000 in profit so far, which is about what Twitter makes in a good month. The key, said Matt, is finding a product that resonates with a specific audience – cat lovers, say, or fans of plastic figurines, techcrunch reports.





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Chris wrote at 10/13/2018 7:58:42 AM:

Know why Forever Alone was devised by people spying on me for the former President while I was privately crying alone? Because Pizza Rat wasn't funny enough.

likeness wrote at 10/3/2018 9:13:40 PM:

bring me an ike dollar and let me look at it

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