Feb.2, 2013

Y Combinator startup Matterport that has invented a new compact scanner has raised $3,908,189 USD, almost 4 million dollars from 39 investors, according to Matterport's SEC filing.

The investors include Felicis Ventures, Red Swan, Greylock Partners, Qualcomm Ventures and Navitas Capital.

This Silicon Valley startup unveiled their new technology at Y-Combinator's Bi-Annual Demo Day last year, a new compact scanner that allows users to basically point a gun and do instantaneous scan-to-model of their surrounding environment, for example your house, without point clouds in the middle.

CEO Matt Bell started Matterport with friend and programmer Dave Gausebeck. Dave Gausebeck worked previously at PayPal and was one of the creator of CAPTCHA. Later Mike Beebe, who worked on 3D reconstruction at Stanford Research Institute joined the team.

According to Michael Beebe, their scanner is 20 times faster and 18 times cheaper than any other scanner in the market, and this low-cost 3D scanner allows anyone to quickly and easily produce a realistic 3D model.


The tripod-based scanner has a head enclosed with two cameras. It uses PrimeSense sensors that automatically creates beautiful, color 3D models of interior spaces, same as what Microsoft uses for the Kinect. When you press "scan" the head starts turning 360 degress to scan. The user controls the scanner via an iPad to view the 3D model. He or she can move the scanner to do extra scan and the software automatically stitches the data from these placements together in real time.

After it's finished, the user hit the upload button to send the data to the cloud where it undergoes additional processing to become a textured 3D mesh. A link is sent to the user via email that the user can view the 3D model online or download it.

The company's current device has been described as resembling a "potato on a tripod" but Bell said there is another version coming later this year that will closer resemble an SLR camera. Reported by Cromwell Schubarth.

"We are in a beta program right now and this funding will allow us to complete the new version later this year," Bell said.

Watch the video below a virtual house in Matterport's web viewer.





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