Feb.4, 2013

The evening before his birthday, 5 year old Liam got the best present in his life: a functional, comfortable new right hand. (Read Liam's story here). It is printed on the Makerbot using PLA plastic, which is strong enough for Liam's daily use. It is controlled by movements of the wrist, arm and hand via cables and return bungees.

3 days later after receiving this new hand, Liam can already grasp things with his right hand, play ball in the room same as what other kids do at this age. In the video below Liam shows you he can even pick up an object as small and difficult as a coin!

Liam took his new hand with him to his doctor's appointment and to school. His mother Yolandi says,

"Finish with Hand Clinic yay Dr's are VERY impressed with Liam's Robohand. No operations to be done as yet which is awesome. Amazing stuff to happen very soon. Liam has had so far an fantastic day not shy at all to show all his Robohand. His little school he goes to was a huge hit all the teacher's & kiddies were in awe its been a super duper day. Thank you all for the birthday wishes to Liam much appreciated xxx"

The design of Liam's Robohand is shared for free on Thingiverse with a public-domain license. Richard and Ivan hope that people who don't have access to expensive commercial prosthetics can now use it for free. It is designed for Liam's arm, Richard and Ivan say:

This device was built for a 5 year old boy. Using Makerware, it could be scaled to fit a wide range of individuals. The only thing that would need to be changed is the size of the bolts purchased from a hardware store. The design is open-source and in the public domain. We encourage anyone who can make use of this design for any purpose to do so :)






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