Feb.5, 2013

Our modern systems are based on mass production and the specialization of labor. But 3D printing will change it. In the future consumers will be able to create, customize and 3D print products at will. Many jobs on the manufacturing lines will be removed, new jobs will be created. Companies will likely to make profits by offering customization or selling products design. What do you think the future will hold? Are you ready for the massive economic shift?

Lenovo and DHL share their vision how the world will look like in the next 20 years and 40 years.

In the video below Lenovo's Kevin Beck shares his 20:20 vision about the future of technology and how 3D printing and customization will become the new norm in 20 years.

Germany logistics giant DHL has been collaborating with various futurists, scientists and researchers to make realistic predictions about our world in 2050. They have made a great series of 5 possible scenarios of 2050, and in scenario 3: 'Customized Lifestyles' they predict that mass produced goods will be replaced by customized locally made products.

2050. Our world is much more colorful, diverse and local. Technical progress, especially in 3D printing, turns consumers into producers. 'Self-made' and 'individually tailored' become the new ethos for society. New types of production processes facilitate a world with a multitude of individual lifestyles.


Uniform goods and mass-produced items have vanished from display windows and apartments. The consequence of this development is not only a revolution in supply chains. Awareness about the need for recycling is growing, creating new commercial perspectives. Recycling ensures replenishable supplies and keeps 3D printing running. It's a world characterized by diversity.

Watch the 5 possible scenarios of the future in total in a video below.







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