Feb.6, 2013

Do you find normal business cards are bit boring? Ohio-based CallingCube reinvented the traditional business card and come up with CallingCube, a new patent-pending business card and marketing tool. "The CallingCube is designed to make your message stick in the minds of your clients. In other words, the CallingCube™ acts as a tipping point for your business."

The size of a CallingCube is just 1"x1"x1" (25x25x25mm). "Unlike paper business cards, the CallingCube is hollow with solid walls, and features standard indented text and logos for a premium weight and feel." It is billed as "the premium business card they won't throw away" and designed to be given away on trade-shows, networking events, one-on-one sales meetings etc.

CallingCube is reinvented by three friends, owners of rapid prototyping service startup 3D Backery. "We believe that the only way for you to differentiate yourself in today's overcrowded marketplace is to stand out from the crowd." 3D printing allows them to produce small batches and fully customized products for businesses and individuals.

You can select your favourite color, add up to 50 characters per side and a logo or icon to your 3D printed business card design. A standard custom set of the CallingCube including 80 cubes is available at $299, with free shipping in US.

"Normal business cards end up in their desk drawer. The CallingCube ends up ON their desk."

Thanks to Neil Brennan for the tip!






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Jennifer wrote at 4/9/2015 8:19:36 PM:

What's a good resource to actually get these produced? I want to use my own graphics on every face.

Anja wrote at 2/6/2013 3:06:46 PM:

Then someone needs to invent such a smart name card holder to keep these special name cards in and well organized.

david wrote at 2/6/2013 2:00:21 PM:

so if everyone begins using this cube format you will end up with a hundred of these things on your desk. i can see them being thrown away. those mockups don't look that great either. sorry, its the truth!

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