Feb.7, 2013

Many Smartphones are equipped with NFC. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is the term given to the transfer of data over very short distances. It's a short-ranged wireless technology that allows certain devices to communicate with each other, and is also used for syncing, transferring data and doing transactions. It is more like Bluetooth, just with a much shorter distance allowed before the connection is broken.

NFC specialist Flomio has launched a new service that makes 3D printed object with an NFC Tag embedded inside. Flomio has innovated a process of reliably embedding an NFC tag into the 3D printing process. "This is different from simply attaching a sticker tag to the bottom that anyone can remove." said Richard Grundy, co-founder and CEO of Flomio to NFC World.

You can send 3D model file (.stl format only) to Flomio and then choose build size, NFC Tag, and color plastic (white, green, or blue). If the quoted price is accepted Flomio will print this NFC custom 3D printables in ABS plastic and deliver it at your door.

(Image credit: Flomio)

Flomio charge $0.50 per cm3 as well as a $4 handling fee per item. Additional is your NFC tag of your choice and shipping. The max size of 3D objects is 15 x 15 x 15 cm.

The NFC Custom 3D Printables can be used for anti-counterfeiting, AR gaming solutions, marketing, and more. One of Flomio's biggest customer is Plow Games, a gaming company. "Plow Digital and Plow Games are very excited about using NFC technology," said Plow Games' Greg Phillips. "This will allow us to create a secure and truly integrated experience for rewards programs, product branding, and interactive experiences."

Flomio recently raised US$96,145 on Kickstarter for its products FloJack & FloCase to bring NFC to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android legacy devices.

Watch below a short video made by Flomio: NFC + 3D Printing = Awesome.






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