Feb.10, 2013

Would you consider having a custom candy dispenser made for yourself or a loved one? Erik J. Durwood II's new design 'VEND' is a totally 3D printable candy dispenser that allows you to download, print and assemble a custom candy dispenser. It accepts only quarters and rejects other coins. In fact it is a very generous candy dispenser - "for a quarter, it will give you about a dollar's worth of M&Ms, Skittles, Mike and/or Ikes, Chiclets or glass marbles."

It has been designed so that once the loops in the back are secured with a padlock or whatever, it can't come apart (without damage). The back hatch secures the money and access to the coin mechanism's locking pins. The collar around the jar keeps the jar from being removed.


The hole on the top will take a preserving lid ring for a standard "medium" Mason jar. That lets you thread the jar to the top, and the collar will secure it in place. Or you can go totally legit and print the provided jar file. (not .JAR file).

(Images credit: Erik J. Durwood II)

Check the video below the coin rejection mechanism being tested after printing the dispensing drum.

All the STL files have been uploaded on Thingiverse. Already some enthusiastic makers has made deviations of VEND, they look really good! Check them out:

(Image above) Made by infinityplusplus: "Its all PLA. Printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer at 230C, 10 percent infill, 80 speed at .25 layer height with 1 extra shell in repG. It is pretty much the stock profile as well except for packing density of .97."

(Image above) Made by Mr_Alex26: "Printed the body in blue ABS on replicator 1, it took 15 hours 18 minutes. 3 shells, .3 layer, 10% fill, 100 extrude feed, 150 travel feed."

(Image above) Made by Dtrobotics: " Works pretty well, but does jam up sometimes. Very fun to make, and will fill both of your hands with candy for $.25!"

(Image above) Made by KingRahl






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